Fly fishing for womens

"you disconnect ... "

We are a company that begins with our passion: fly fishing!, where we see that a market is constantly growing, but where the female gender was missing. We have created programs thinking of those who want to learn this sport, those who already practice it, and above all, nature lovers, those who want to disconnect from the daily routine, enjoying outdoor activities and respecting the ecosystem in which we live; Our goal is that our visitors can enjoy the beauty of Chilean Patagonia by doing activities such as fly fishing and yoga, where you will not only find entertainment, but also you can connect with yourself, rest and live an unforgettable trip.

Vanessa B.  -  founder of Lago Copa Travels. 

Chilean Patagonia

A place that you must know and enjoy

Abundant waters....

The Aysén Region is the richest in fresh water in Chile with 31% of the national flow and reserves of more than 7,000 km2 in its Ice Fields, in addition to 122 lakes with the best water quality in the country. The purity of the water favors the size of species such as brown and rainbow trout, as well as salmon, according to specialists.


Chile's freshwater recreational fishing season runs from October to May; and every corner of the Aysén region is an invitation to try your luck in waters as abundant for fishermen as unforgettable for the senses. In its waters athletes will be able to catch light and rainbow trout, sea light and steelhead, and Atlantic, coho and Chinook salmon, depending on the river or lake in which they are fished.



You will be able to know a diversity of landscapes from very close, as well as easy access, knowing the southern highway and all its charms


Discover the Aysen region

Cerro Castillo 

Cerro Castillo National Park is located 64 kilometers south of Coyhaique, in the communes of Coyhaique and Río Ibáñez in the Aysén Region, Chile, with Villa Cerro Castillo and Balmaceda being the closest towns to this unit.

RN. Queulat

The Queulat National Park is located in the commune of Puerto Cisnes, this park created in 1983 has 154,093 hectares and is quite accessible. It is characterized by having a hanging glacier and the so-called "Evergreen Forest", mainly composed of coigüe, tepa and tepú, as well as huge nalcas. The fauna is represented by the pudu, guiña, black woodpecker, caiquén, black-necked swan, nutria, chucao, and kingfisher, among many other animals.


The city of Coyhaique, capital of the Aysén region, is located at the foot of Cerro Mackay and is centered around its curious 5-sided plaza. Being the starting point to tour the Aysén region, in its surroundings you will find attractions such as the El Fraile Ski Center, Lake Elizalde, the Cerro Castillo National Reserve and Laguna San Rafael; among many others.


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